Meadow Flowers have stunning annual seed mixes that flower from early summer all the way to late autumn. We offer a fresh new approach and the results are beautiful, very long flowering, impressionistic displays from all of our various seed mixes.

Meadow Flower seed mixes contain many carefully balanced seed species, which will germinate together but have differing flowering periods. They are usually sown in the spring, in freshly prepared sites using our “How to Sow” instructions, which is our tried and trusted method for the best results.

Unlike traditional wildflower meadows our meadows include more exotic species, which provide stunning visual interest over an extremely long flowering period (late spring into autumn).

All you need to do is decide which of the mixes is right for you.

Meadow Flowers are for all areas from planters, balconies and front gardens to field scale plantings. They offer an impact with a definite wow factor, all the way from early summer through into autumn. You will experience delight after delight as the varying species reveal themselves.

Whatever you choose, you will also know that you can always call me on 0409 530 509 (or email) to help you achieve your own enchanted Meadow Flowers magic.







Beautiful lawns – “thick, green and velvety under your feet”, this is the Velvet Lawns promise to you. Creating a lawn from scratch around your new home or business, or revitalising your existing lawns, we provide a personal, cost effective service to ensure you get excellent, long-term results. Rough-and-tumble kids’ areas or sweeping carpets to accent much-loved gardens, we create lawns that match your budget and lifestyle.

Velvet Lawns also provides a cleaning service to make your alfresco areas sparkle! We get rid of moss, mould, algae and general grunge with our specialised non-toxic cleaning products that slow-down and inhibit their return.  Velvet Lawns can provide an on-going maintenance service to keep your new lawns and outdoor areas always looking their best. All our work is pre-quoted and agreed before commencement ensuring you have absolute peace-of-mind.








Meadows.com is proud to announce its association with one of the world’s leading exponents of naturalistic planting – Pictorial Meadows.

Based in Sheffield, UK, Pictorial Meadows seed mixes and expertise are now used extensively across Europe with many Councils and landowners wisely opting for a beautiful wildlife-friendly meadow instead of maintenance intensive amenity grassland. Equally, keen gardeners have benefitted from years of research and development of suitable seed mixes which have been specifically designed to give a carefully orchestrated succession of colour and interest from spring to the first frosts which attract bees and other pollinators from miles around!!

Now for the first time Pictorial Meadows are available to everyone in Australia! We have selected 3 Pictorial Meadow annual mixes and 3 Pictorial Meadow perennial mixes which are perfect for the climatic and environmental conditions found across our continent – provided of course you can keep them watered!


So if you want to find out for yourself what caused such excitement across the horticultural world when they were showcased at the London Olympic Park in 2012 place your order as soon as possible as we expect these very special seed mixes to sell out quickly!

More information on Pictorial Meadows can be found at www.pictorialmeadows.co.uk