Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will the seed keep if I don’t use it all?
A) Because they a packed in Aluminium Foil Laminate which gives them ideal storage conditions if kept  in a cool dry place. They will last for several years.

Q: Is there any grass seed content in the Meadow Flowers mixes?
A) There is no grass content in the Meadow Flowers mixes. Don’t mix Meadow Flowers with grass as it will stiffle the flowers.

Q: Can I just scatter the flowers over the existing grass to create a meadow effect?
A) Seeds have to be sown on bare soil. See our page “How to sow Meadow Flowers”.

Q: Will Meadow Flowers mixes self sow, given that they are annuals?
A) Not really successfully… To get the same magical effect you will need to sow each year.

Q: Will birds eat the seed?
A) Generally they are too small for them to notice.

Q: Will rabbits eat the flower?
A) Rabbits eat anything and will find Meadow Flowers a tasty treat.

Q: Will Meadow Flowers work in sandy/chalky/clay soil?
A) They will work in all soil types but the better the soil the better the result.

 Q: Do I need to water the seeds if it doesn’t rain for a few days one they’re sown?
A) Be careful not to over-water as the seeds could rot before they germinate. However if it doesn’t rain after sowing, water once a week.

Q: Will Meadow Flowers work in shady areas?
A) The mixes will need at least 40% sunshine to really shine.

Q: I missed the planting season, but I still have my seeds. Can I store them for next year?
A) Keep them in a cool dry place. They will be good for a few years.

Q: Can I blend Meadow Flowers mixes together?
A) No, don’t try. You will be disappointed. You can order your own blend for special occasions. See our online shop.

Q: Can I sow in the autumn?
A) Yes, autumn sowing will work. Only if they will not be exposed to hard frost, however, because flowering starts early it finishes early and the displays will start to decline sooner – they won’t carry into the late autumn.