Hampton Court

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A beautiful meadow designed

To be lower growing than the other mixes so very useful for containers and pots and locations which are more exposed. Hampton Court is a rich blend of colours with a fantastically varied range of species – highly recommended.

Pack sizes – 25g | 50g |100g | 200g |400g

 *1gm covers 1 mtr sq

Prices are from $25.00 and go upwards with the pack sizes

The mix includes:

Centaurea cyanus ‘Polkadot Mixed’, Convolvulus tricolor Mixed, Coreopsis tinctoria Dwarf Mixed, Crepis rubra, Dimorphotheca sinuata Mixed, Gypsophila elegans ‘Covent Garden’, Iberis umbeliata Dwarf Fairy Mixed, Linaria maroccana ‘Fairy Bouquet’, Linum grandiflorum ‘Bright’ Eyes’, Linum grandiflorum var. rubrum, Linum perenne, Nigella damascena ‘Miss Jekyll’, Papaver rhoeas Shirley ‘mized, Silene armeria ‘Electra’

Cost per M2 per Kilo as little as $0.45

Sowing Season –  In the spring after frost


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