Monet Mini Mix

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This is our premium wildflower mix for a colour extravaganza.

Suitable for both large and small areas, this mix is quick into flower and is very long flowering with new plants beginning to flower as old ones fade. Brilliant colour range beginning with gentle soft tones of pink, mauve and white in the early season drifting into vibrant yellow and red drought tolerant species to give seemingly everlasting summer colour. Well behaved mix with a height profile of 30-70 cm.

Suggested Uses:

Garden borders, country meadows, driveways, schools, roadsides, golf courses, club houses, hillside.

Pack sizes  25g / 50g / 100g / 200g / 400g  

Cornflower & dwarf blue, Coreopsis-Dwarf bicolour & Dwarf Red,  Dianthus – Sweet William, Dimorphotheca-African daisy, Gaillardia-Indian blanket, Gilia -Birds eyes, Gilia – Globe Gilia, Gypsophila-Baby’s Breath,Linaria- Toadflax, Linum-Scarlet flax, Lobularia-Sweet alyssum, Lupinus-Dwarf Lupin, Malcomia-Virginia stock, Nigella – Miss Jekyll, Papaver-Corn poppy, Silene- Catchfly

*note. 1 gram covers 1 sq. mt


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