Monet Mix Tall

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This Monet Mix is both bold and beautiful!

It is the blood brother to our Country Road mix that we use beside the highways, but it has more varieties and includes some smaller sized flowers. This is a tough and powerful mix with brilliant colours making it suitable for both small and large areas. Flowering begins with pastel pinks, whites & blues before moving onto the bright yellows and reds for the midsummer sun. Height range 60 -120 cm.

Pack sizes  25g / 50g / 100g / 200g / 400g

*note. 1 gram covers 1 sq. mtr

Mix Includes: : 

Centaura-tall blue cornflower, Chrysanthemum-Garland daisy, Coreopsis- Plains bicolour,Cosmos- Mixed cosmos, Cosmos- Sulphur cosmos, Cynoglossum-Forget-me-Not, Eschscholzia-Californian poppy, Gaillardia-Blanket flower, Gypsophila – Baby’s Breath, Oenothera-Evening primrose, Papaver-Corn poppy & red poppy, Phacelia-Purple tansy, Ratibida columnifera & Rudbeckia-Black eyed Susan




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