Some feedback from our valued clients.



“My 800sqm lawn had a terrible moss infestation which had completely taken over. Maurice and his team from Velvet Lawns came in and totally eradicated my moss problem, they de-thatched; rotary hoed and re-seeded the area. They were great to deal with – Maurice is extremely enthusiastic and easy to talk to. He really seemed to want to please us and he emphasised that his priority was to get it right and do a firclass job. He even offered a complementary follow up service to check the lawn and do the first cut.”

Paul Maloney (April 2012)




“Maurice provided such great service. He is extremely particular about what he does and has a really old school service ethic. He came out regularly to check up on the progress of the lawn and was meticulous about every last detail. As a consequence the results were excellent. I’ve had work done by others and his was far superior.”

Bhishan Rowjee (April 2012)




“Velvet Lawns pulled up my old lawn and created a new one. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side and the continuous rain made conditions really difficult. However Maurice persisted and was really diligent in making sure everything was OK and in the end we got there and achieved the great result we were after, despite the weather!”

Keith Keane (April 2012)




“Our lawn was being overtaken by some unwanted weeds and grasses and needed attention. The Velvet Lawns team successfully eliminated the problem areas and reseeded the lawn which is starting to grow nicely. The service was great, as was the follow-up and they were a pleasure to deal with.”

Joe Cutrioni (June 2012)




“Maurice spent so much time making sure our lawn was perfect. It was a challenging job because our soil was unusually hard and he came back time after time to check on the progress. The price was extremely affordable, especially given the amount of time he invested in the job. It’s obvious that he really cares about what he does.”

Chris Chiu (June 2012)