How to Transform your Field or Lawn into a Wildflower Meadow

field of wildflowers

An untidy and unruly field transformed into a beautiful, low-maintenance wildflower meadow.

Our country was once covered in a blanket of wildflowers stretching north to south, east to west. There was an abundance of wildflowers throughout Australia, and signs of this can still very much be seen today. Western Australia is known for its incredible wildflower season and the east coast too has its gems, including the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, New South Wales which boasts an amazing array of wildflowers.

There’s no doubt about it – Australia is a haven for wildflowers, and growing your own wildflower meadow is becoming more and more popular. Wildflowers are a great option for replacing untidy and high-maintenance lawns, or filling drab fields with an incredible mix of colours.

Wildflower meadows benefits:

  • are low-maintenance
  • are self-sustaining
  • attract all kinds of insects and wildlife
  • don’t require fertilisers or pesticides
  • can perform well without watering.

So how can you transform your lawn or field into a beautiful wildflower meadow? Well, it’s easier than you think! Here are our top tips to guarantee success:

1.  Prepare the ground

This is the most important part of the process, and though it takes time, it’s definitely worth the effort. To have the best success with your wildflower seeds, you need to get rid of the old seedbed – whether that be grass, weeds or even larger plants. We recommend using Slasher Weedkiller to be thorough with weeds, and a rotary tiller for larger areas of grass.

2.  Use a carrier

Wildflower seeds can be very small so to ensure you aren’t left with clumps of wildflowers in one spot and empty patches in another, use a carrier – this could be either Dry River Sand or Vermiculite which you add together with the seeds to help you get an even distribution when you sow the seeds.

3.  Measure carefully

When you are sowing a larger area, it’s easy to get the maths wrong and use up all your seeds before you’ve finished filling the area. To prevent this, if your area is greater than 200 sq. metres, we recommend you sow in 100 sq. metre blocks. To make this easier for you, we send out our seed packs in 100 gram packs each containing the correct ratio of species for the perfect even distribution.

4.  Water well and keep weeds away

Once you’ve sown your seeds, make sure to give the area plenty of water – then and particularly in the coming few weeks until germination. It’s also really important to keep getting rid of any weeds that pop up at the beginning as these will strangle the wildflower seeds.

All Meadow Flowers seed mixes are perfect for creating your very own wildflower meadow. Say goodbye to your dull lawn or untidy field – and say hello to a beautifully-natural, low-maintenance wildflower meadow!