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The most remarkable meadow flower

Steeped in legend and revered in history, the Cornflower is one of the most recognisable and sought-after meadow flowers available and takes pride of place in any meadow garden.

These brilliant blue flowers stand with beauty and grace next to any other plant and attract pollinating insects more than any other colour. The edible petals can be scattered over a salad and the dried leaves can be simmered in a pint of water for 10 minutes and served as an uplifting tonic that gives you an allover glow and makes your eyes sparkle. 

The name Genus Centaurea speaks to the Greek legend of the Centaur Chiron also known as the wounded healer and teacher and master to Hercules amongst other Gods. Chiron though wounded himself taught others the use of plants and herbs for healing such as Achillea to Achilles. For Chiron, it was the simple Cornflower that cured him of his own wounds. 

The species cyanus means dark blue in Latin and tells the story of a young man named Cyanus who was in love with the Roman Goddess Flora. Cyanus would create wreaths and bring these flowers to her shrine every day until the day he passed away and was found lying on a bed of
cornflowers, his love for his love. 

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In 1918 the Cornflower was chosen by France to represent the Armistice just as the English chose the red Poppy as both flowers benefited from the turning of the soil that war brought to the country.

As a symbol of love and healing, the Cornflower takes pride of place in any meadow garden and is available now in these seed mixes

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