Wildflower Seed Planting On Nature Strips & Verges

Wildflower Seed Planting On Nature Strips & Verges

Demand Grows For Wildflower Seed Planting On Nature Strips & Verges

Meadow Flowers in an exclusive interview with Eleven Media confirmed the growing demand across Australia for their wildflower seeds for planting up nature strips & street verges to help and beautify the environment.

Sam Kennedy, director of Meadow Flowers Australia said this when interviewed by Eleven Media, “We are proud to be assisting home and business owners, as well as the council of Greater Dandenong, to plant verses with wildflowers. In 2023, healthier landscapes are so important in light of the impacts of planted green areas on climate change. Not to mention flowers providing the foundation for life with abundant flower pollen for local bees.”

The planting of nature strips & street verges create not only healthy and sustainable landscapes, but the delight of these flower displays to passing vehicle traffic and pedestrians is well documented. Meadow Flowers report interest is growing strongly from councils and homeowners across Australia, as people see the benefits and want to support the cause in their own locality. One unseen benefit is less mowing being needed leading to it being not only a cost saving but safer for council employees and homeowners alike.

“Enriching lives through working with nature and plant conservation is something we all should embrace. Not only does it assist filter vehicle pollution, but provides habitat and food for insects, birds and bees. It also cannot be underestimated how these planted areas help promote human health and wellbeing.” Said Sam Kennedy

Meadow flowers works closely with Hydroseeding Australia. They are specialists at spraying verge embankments with a treatment that creates a protective barrier with embedded grass seed in it. This minimises soil loss from rain and wind erosion. The benefits of hydroseeding are many, including efficiency of placement in difficult verge terrain applications.

Meadow Flowers is pleased to have been associated with planting their wildflowers in many of the locations they have successfully grassed. One of which was the creation of a wildflower meadow at Woodcroft’s Robert Wright Park for The City of Onkaparinga in South Australia. The area was hydroseeded and The City of Onkaparinga purchased some of Meadow Flowers wildflower seed mixes to create a more feasible (cost-effective) and beautiful ‘wilderness’ option in contrast to a conventional lawn at the park.

Learn more about Hydroseeding Australia by visiting their website here:


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