About Meadow Flowers

About Meadow Flowers

Meadow Flowers have stunning seed mixes that flower from early summer all the way to late autumn. We offer a fresh new approach and the results are beautiful, very long flowering, impressionistic displays from all of our various seed mixes.

Meadow Flower seed mixes contain many carefully balanced seed species, which will germinate together but have differing flowering periods. They are usually sown in the spring or autumn, in freshly prepared sites using our “How to Sow” instructions, which is our tried and trusted method for the best results.

All you need to do is decide which of the mixes is right for you.

Meadow Flowers are for all areas from planters, balconies and front gardens to field scale plantings. They offer an impact with a definite wow factor, all the way from early summer through into autumn. You will experience delight after delight as the varying species reveal themselves.

Whatever you choose, you will also know that you can always call me on to help you achieve your own enchanted Meadow Flowers magic.

Maurice Kennedy

Meadow Flowers Australia


After 40 exciting, tumultuous years living in Sydney, we moved to peaceful Bowral to be near our family. There I started “Velvet Lawns Pty”, to upgrade our own, rather shabby lawns and then to successfully create new outstanding Lawns for other people. One of my sons, David, who had just returned from a visit to England, teased me “Lawns are out. Too much maintenance, they are all into Meadow Flowers now, What do you think of that?” “Not a bad idea,said I.”


Within 48 hours I was in touch with a remarkable Lady called, Sue France who ran a Company called Pictorial Meadows. Her story inspired and helped me start “Meadow Flowers” in 2014 almost as a hobby.


Since we moved to the Gold Coast, to be near more of my very large family, then I have found that being involved with this kind of business is itself a delight in so many ways. This hobby has made me realise, that there is a great need and potential market for the Wildflower Mixes that we have modestly promoted so far.


Meadow Flowers aim to be one of the major suppliers of wildflower seed Mixturesin Australia. Working with a personal association with our customers and guiding them on how best to achieve wonderful results!

Andrea O'Dea - QLD
"Adorable little packets of seeds"

Thank you Maurice for the absolutely wonderful little packages of seeds that you so painstakingly put together for my daughter’s wedding. A major part of her wedding was having real, colourful flowers everywhere and what better way to top it off by sending the guests home with some adorable little packets of seeds to plant so they can “watch the flowers bloom, just like the love of the Bride and Groom”. The thought and care that Maurice put into these packets of seeds was so very much appreciated, as it meant that they were so easy to plant and get growing. I’ve received many comments from the happy guests who were excited to report on the beautiful flowers growing in their garden that came from the “Seeds with Love” packets they received at the wedding. After searching without success for a supplier who would supply ‘little’ packets of seeds for a ‘fraction’ of the cost, I’m so glad I came across you who provided just what I was searching for. Thank you so much again Maurice, you’ve done an amazing job!’