A Thousand Lights

Our favourite!

In other words, this mix shines with “Thousands of Lights’

The bright colours of Eschscholzia, poppies and Layia and Bidens bring power, brilliance and flamboyance.

This short mixture is easy to succeed and will not be afraid of bad weather:

Zinnia Lilliput and cosmos sulphureus dwarf will give it strength and hold.

The advice is: Thousand Lights is particularly well suited for warm climates.


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Sowing Period

Flowering Period

Sowing Rates

Growth Height

Composed of 16 annuals.


Sowing period:

Late Autumn:  May & June

 Flowering period:

Early Spring  from Sept onwards

Recommended Sowing Rates Guide

1 gm to 2 gm per m²

Height: 40 to 60 cm