Bee Friendly

Plant wildflower seeds in your garden or patio pots to provide essential nutrition for bees

Bees are vital for the pollination of many flowers.  This mixture has been composed of flowers that are proven bee favourites in our gardens.

Bees will forage on these flowers for nectar and pollen which provide carbohydrates and protein for growth and energy.

Well nourished bees are more capable of fending off disease and parasites.

Contains 18 species including: 

Siberian Walflower, Purple Coneflower, Sweet Alyssum, Baby Blue Eyes, California Poppy, Indian Blanket

Height 20-60cm

Sizes Available: 15gm | 25gm | 50gm | 100gm | 250gm | 500gm | 1000gm

Our pictures show some of the varieties in this mix.

Recommended Sowing Rates Guide

1.0 to 1.3 gm per m²

Depending on Site Condition – click HERE for more information



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$15.00$390.00 including tax