Cottage Garden

Create the romance of a cottage garden with these old time favourites.

Cottage Garden is made up of two mixtures – one tall-growing mix for the back of the border and one lower-growing mix for the front. This makes this mixture perfect to fill garden borders.

With a wonderful mix of 17 species, colours include pastel pink, white, mauve and blue. These flowers are exuberant and free-flowering with good self-seeding abilities – so let your imagination and creativity run wild!


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Shipping Area

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WA & Tasmania



Sowing Period

Autumn or Spring (avoid frost)

Flowering Period

– Late Spring (for Autumn Sowing)
– Early Summer through to Autumn next year (for Spring Sowing)

Sowing Rates

 1.0 to 1.3 gm per m²

Growth Height

Mixed Heights up to 60cm

Sixteen species in a 2 packet mix:

Tall – Over 60 cm: Amberboa – Sweet Sultan, Ammi-Queen Anne’s Lace, Centaurea-Mixed cornflower, Cheiranthus-English wallflower, Delphinium-Larkspur, Lavatera-Rose mallow, Papaver-Corn poppy, Phacelia-Purple tansy and Scabiosa Imperial Mix.

Small – Under 60 cm:   Eschscholzia – White Linen, Gilia- Globe Gilia, Gypsophila-White Baby’s breath, Malcomia-Virginia stock, Nemophila-Five spot, Nemophila-Baby blue eyes, Phacelia – Califiornian Bluebell, Silene-Catchfly.