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Flowers for a Country Garden (MPO8706)

Flowers for a Country Garden

The romance and splendour of a country garden where the breeze and fresh air envelop you as your eyes delight in the softness of your surroundings.

This country garden meadow mix is a joy with 10 annuals (such as Common Corn-Cockle, Queen Anne’s Lace and Summer Pheasants Eye) and 5 perennials (such as Shasta Daisy, Larkspur and Dame’s Rocket).

Growing between 50cm and 100cm, this mix can be sown Autumn to Spring and will flower from Summer onward.

Follow the advice given on the How to Sow page to have the best results for a glorious flowering show.


Please refer to the suggested sowing rate provided to the left to help determine how many grams per m² are suitable for your lot.



Sowing Period

Autumn to Spring (after frost)

Flowering Period

Early Summer to Autumn next year (for Spring Sowing)

Sowing Rates

1.5 gm per m²

Growth Height

Mixed Heights from 50cm to 100cm