Flowers for Silty and Sandy Soil – Meadow Flowers

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Flowers for Silty and Sandy Soil


Do you have troublesome, drained, acidic soil? Our specialty sandy soil mix is the perfect solution for your troublesome soil.

This flower mixture is specially designed for revegetating area of porous sandy-loam with a pH that is less than 6.5.

Containing 2 annuals (such as boreal chickweed and Crimson Clover) and 14 perennials (such as Wallpepper, Maiden Pink and Sweet William Catchfly).

Note: Results vary on soil type.

Follow the advice given on the How to Sow page, to have the best results for a glorious flowering show from mid-Summer to early Autumn.

Check out our WA-accepted version of this mix here


Please refer to the suggested sowing rate provided to the left to help determine how many grams per m² are suitable for your lot.

Note: This item is available on pre-order only, ready for shipment on May 17th 2021.


Sowing Period

Autumn or Spring (avoid frost)

Flowering Period

Late Spring (Autumn Sowing)
Early Summer (Spring Sowing)
until Autumn next year.

Sowing Rates

2.0 to 3.0 gm per m²

Growth Height