Knee Hi Perennials

This perennial mixture of mid-height is our best selling perennial.

With early spring sowing, the centaury Montana, Kobold gaillardia, Moschate mauve and Garden valerian will start the blooming  in Nov Dec. onwards.

With  the future annual mowing in May, 15 – 20cm from the ground, will be a factor favouring the flowering from Aug to Oct and on to Autumn for the following years

Consisting of 22 perennials (code MP 08616) including: Anthemis tinctoria, coreopsis ‘Sterntaler’, lupine ‘Minarette’, Carnation of Viennese florists, …

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Sowing Period

Spring   – Aug to Oct (after heavy frost)

Flowering Period

Oct – December onwards into Autumn

Sowing Rates

1 gm to 2 gm per m²

Growth Height

30 to 60 cm