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Made for Shade

Made for Shade is the perfect mix to brighten up your shady areas and bring instant light to your garden.

Who says you can’t have colour in the shade? With this special shade-tolerant mix, you can! In the first year, you will be delighted with low-growing pastels and lots of bright blues, followed by taller white, mauve and yellow perennials in the second year.

This mix is best suited for shaded areas – try it under trees or on the shady side of the house. However, don’t put it in heavy shade – it needs a minimum of 1-2 hours of direct sun a day.

Some annual species included in Made for Shade are Shasta Daisy, Forget-Me-Not, Purple Coneflower, Johnny Jump Ups and Blue Flax.

Suggested Uses:

Garden borders with light or dappled shade, southern facing borders with half-day direct sun, gardens under high branches, edges of lawns or lightly foliated tree-lined driveways, sunny borders.

Follow the advice given on the How to Sow page to have the best results for a glorious flowering show.


Please refer to the suggested sowing rate provided to the left to help determine how many grams per m² are suitable for your lot.



Sowing Period

Autumn or Spring (avoid frost)

Flowering Period

Flowering from early Spring onwards to Autumn for annuals and through for many years for the perennials

Sowing Rates

2.0 to 3.0 gm per m²

Growth Height

10-120 cm