Natures Monet Meadows

This mixture aims to look like a natural field meadow

Especially to promote biodiversity by bringing together wild flowers, including messicultural plants.

With six biannuals, the first colour notes of Chrysanthemum segetum and Agrostemma githago will be expressed as early as Oct.

Also composed of 28 perennials, this complete blend will ensure a very diversified flowering from Sept – Oct onwards  the following years, even if the implantation may seem long to start. The presence of vigorous perennials such as Achillea millefolium , Anthemis tinctoria , Centaurea jacea , Leucanthemum vulgare ensures this wild blend a truly established implementation. To ensure its durability, this mixture must be cut to

in April the first year, then in March the following years.

Sow preferably in Autumn! 

6 biennials and 28 perennials

Flowering period:  Sept/Oct the first year; Spring for the following years

Pack sizes : 15gm | 25gm | 50gm | 100gm | 250gm | 500gm | 1000gm

Height: 30 to 70 cm


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$20.00$540.00 including tax