The Wildflower Key to Success

This Essential Versatile Amazing Mix

This amazing Mixture of 27 varieties of rustic wild flowers, is capable of handling demanding soil & positions.

It is a dwarf blend specially developed to bloom in difficult places such the feet of trees, along walls, a central road island, a shaded area etc.

This Wildflower key is primarily a mixture, a useful one, that will enable you, to let your imagination run riot.

Our Advice to you:

You can choose delicate conditions (shade, difficulty of watering etc), we also advise an early sowing in autumn, after the hot weather has passed.

 Composed of 13 annual & 14 perennials

including Alyssum perennial and annual, Centaurea MontanaCerastium, wallflower, eschscholzia,

julienne Mahon, Nepeta, perennial carnation cockle ocypodids …

  • Sowing Period: Autumn (April – June)
  • Flowering Period: from the spring onwards
  • Then from spring onwards for the following years.

Pack sizes : 15gm | 25gm | 50gm | 100gm | 250gm | 500gm | 1000gm

  • Recommended Sowing Rates Guide
  • 1 gm  to 2 gm per m
  • Height:
  • 20 to 40 cm

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