The Amazing Rustic Mix

This Amazing Rustic Mix, is a mixture of such wonderful surprises: discover and enjoy them!

  •      The blend is attractive because of its diversity. Composed of more than 46 varieties of annuals and perennials
  •    It provides the richest of rewards and is therefore the most surprising pf mixes.
  •   Its presence will be expressed in different ways according to the sowing period.With a spring sowing, it is especially the annuals that mark the mixture of their footprint
  •   Sown in autumn, it is the second profile of the mixture that will assert itself with biennials (centaury, blueberry, forget-me-not, wallflower …)
  •   From Spring 2020 it is the perennials, now almost fully developed, that will show off their amazing selection of Species
  • The Amazing Rustic Mix, is a mix of surprises: discover them
  • Pack sizes : 15gm | 25gm | 50gm | 100gm | 250gm | 500gm | 1000gm  

 Consisting of 25 annuals and 21 perennials.

Autumn Sowing

Sowing Period:          April – June
Flowering Period:     Spring Onwards to Autumn

Spring Sowing      After heavy frost

Sowing Period:         August – October
Flowering Period:     Late Spring 2020  Onwards to Autumn 2021

Recommended Sowing Rates Guide

 1 gm to 2 gm per m²


 50 to 100 cm

Exclusive New item – Order Now for Expected Delivery May for Sowing Autumn or Spring.


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