Rustic Mix

The inevitable!

This mixture owes its rusticity to the presence of many perennials such as cerastium and nepeta that will allow for a permanent installation.

The first year, while the varieties acclimatize, first, annuals and some perennials, will bloom themselves: eschscholzia, the earliest, centranthus (valerian gardens), marigold or poppy.

But Rustic Flowers takes all its strength the second year when all the Perennial varieties will be delighting you: coreopsis, blue linseed, echinops, not to mention the yarrow that will contribute to the establishing power of the mixture.

Suggestion: Due to its strong establishing  power and its resistance in time, we suggest the the mixture Rustic Flowers can be used in difficult areas, such as embankments & dry grounds.

Consisting of 10 annuals and 18 perennials . (Code MP08684)

Sowing period: Autumn or Spring

Flowering period: Annuals October onwards, Perennials from Nov. Dec. the summer for spring sowing, from spring the following years it will be the established Perennials only.

Pack sizes : 15gm | 25gm | 50gm | 100gm | 250gm | 500gm | 1000gm

Height: 30 to 50 cm


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