WA The Amazing All-Round Mix (MPOWA8357) – Meadow Flowers

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WA The Amazing All-Round Mix (MPOWA8357)

The Amazing All-round Mix is a rich blend of species and colours, giving you constant surprises as some flowers fade and others pop up.

The blend is very popular because of its diversity. Composed of more than 30 varieties of annuals and perennials, the mix is a beautiful combination of colours, shades and heights. To take advantage of this amazing variety, plant it in larger open areas such as large flower beds and fields.

Its appearance will also be expressed in different ways depending on when you sow – with a spring sow, it is especially the annuals that mark the mixture of their footprint. Whereas sow in autumn and the biennials will steal the show.

Some annuals are Yarrow,  Crown Daisy and Dwarf Morning Glory, and some perennials are Summer Pheasants Eye, Chamomile and Canterbury bells.

This mix is specifically designed to be allowed for import into WA.

Please refer to our How To Sow page to gain best results.


Please refer to the suggested sowing rate provided to the left to help determine how many grams per m² are suitable for your lot.

Expect an additional delay for shipment to WA as per Quarantine Inspection checks.



Sowing Period

Autumn or Spring (avoid frost)

Flowering Period

Late Spring Onwards to Autumn & Spring Onwards to Autumn next year

Sowing Rates

2 – 3 grams per m²

Growth Height

50 to 100 cm