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Wildflower Key to Success (MPO8699)

Wildflower Key to Success is a versatile seed mix made up of 24 varieties of rustic wildflowers, capable of handling demanding soil & positions.

It is a dwarf blend that will grow no higher than 40cm. It has been specially developed to bloom in difficult places such as at the feet of trees, along walls, in central road island and within shaded areas. It can also be planted in large-scale to bring colour to fields and meadows.

This hardy and strong mix are composed of 16 annuals (such as Bachelor Button, Rose Balsam and Sweet Alysum) & 8 perennial species (such as Basket of Gold, Creeping Daisy, Cosmic Orange and Blanket Flower).

Follow the advice given on the How to Sow page to have the best results for a glorious flowering show.


Please refer to the suggested sowing rate provided to the left to help determine how many grams per m² are suitable for your lot.

**Acceptable for import Australia-wide, except for WA**


Sowing Period

Autumn or Spring (avoid frost)

Flowering Period

Spring onwards | Spring the following year

Sowing Rates

2 to 3 gm per m²

Growth Height

10 to 60 cm