The Wildflower Key to Success

Wildflower Key to Success is a versatile seed mix made up of 27 varieties of rustic wildflowers, capable of handling demanding soil & positions.

It is a dwarf blend specially developed to bloom in difficult places such the feet of trees, along walls, a central road island, a shaded area etc.

Our advice to you – choose delicate conditions (shade, difficulty of watering etc) and sow in early autumn, after the hot weather has passed.


Expected Shipping Date

Ready to ship

Shipping Area

Australia Wide



Sowing Period

Autumn or Spring (avoid frost)

Flowering Period

Spring onwards | Spring the following year

Sowing Rates

1.0 to 2 gm per m²

Growth Height

20 to 40 cm

Composed of 13 annual & 14 perennial species including Alyssum perennial and annual, Centaurea MontanaCerastium, wallflower, eschscholzia, julienne Mahon, Nepeta, perennial carnation cockle ocypodids …