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White Everlastings

White Everlastings

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Introducing a stunning Australian Native - White Everlastings!

  • Our product is clean and green and brings back the bees!
  • 100% pure, open-pollinated seeds. 
  • We are Australian family-owned and operated.


White Everlastings, also known as Paper Daisies are among the simplest native flowers to cultivate and tend to. They bloom rapidly and boast an impressively prolonged flowering phase. These self-propagating annuals can blossom continuously for up to 3 months right after germination, boasting a 100% germination rate.

The white blooms exhibit resilience and adaptability. They thrive in well-drained, sandy soil. While they can endure shade and dense clay soils, the white flowers may grow smaller and appear more delicate in such conditions. Perfect to be used as dried flowers or cut flowers.

Avoid heavy clay soils and shade for best results.

Follow the advice given on our How To Sow page to get the best results - a glorious flowering show from early Summer to Autumn.

Please refer to the suggested sowing rate provided below to help determine how many grams per m² are suitable for your lot.

Delivery Information

Delivery Times

Regular:   7 to 11 days

Express:  1 to 4 days

Delivery Location

Australia Wide

Sowing and Growing Information

Sowing Period

March to Mid-August

Avoid frost

Flowering Period

~ End of July (for Autumn Sowing)
~ Mid-September (for Spring Sowing)

Sowing Rate

2.0 to 3.0 gm per m²

Growth Height

20cm - 60cm 


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How To Sow

Our wish is for you to have an outstanding result with any of our wildflower seed mixes.

For more information please visit our how to sow page where you will find a short video.

You can also download our sowing guide here.

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