Wildflower Seeds

Wildflower Meadows are surely the most beautiful of gardens.

Noted for their low maintenance and the wide diversity of plants. Wildflower meadows are a constantly changing landscape, with some species returning year after year while others may disappear and be replaced with something new. Wildflower Seed Mixes contain many carefully balanced species, these will germinate progressively and with its differing flowering periods.

They will flower from early summer all the way into autumn. They are for all areas, from planters, balconies and front gardens to field scale plantings. They offer an impact with a definite wow factor, all the way from early summer through into autumn. You will experience delight after delight as the varying species reveal themselves. We offer a fresh new approach and the results are beautiful, very long flowering, impressionistic displays from all our various seed mixes.

These mixes are tailor-made to suit a wide variety of Australian conditions, from tough soils to fertile home gardens. In season flowering can begin as soon as 8 weeks after sowing – then the journey begins as one species finishes other blooms, working up to a crescendo of colour in full season. The bonus is fading flowers put down masses of seed for the next generation. They are usually sown in the Autumn (Perennials) or Spring (Annuals) in freshly prepared sites using our “How to Sow” instructions, which is our tried and trusted method for the best results., this will provide stunning visual interest over an extremely long flowering period (late spring into autumn).

How much seed do I need?

Recommended sowing rate is one gram per square metre. Starting at just $0.36 per square metre for large areas, nothing matches wildflowers for the most cost-effective form of gardening. Size is not important – a pocket of flowers in a city corner or a meadow on a farm. They are all stunning! Larger sizes than those listed are always available – please contact us with your requirements

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