Explosion of Flow Hives Creates Demand for Wildflower Seeds

Explosion of Flow Hives Creates Demand for Wildflower Seeds

Meadow Flowers Australia, in an exclusive interview with Eleven Media, confirmed that the current winter months has seen a sharp increase in demand for Australian wildflower seeds from owners of Flow Hives wanting to increase the flowers their bees can visit close to their hive.

The Flow Hive has been invented by Australian father and son duo Stuart and Cedar Anderson. Their invention has seen over 100,000 hives sold across the globe and has revolutionised backyard beekeeping. It has allowed the beekeeper to harvest honey straight from the hive without disturbing the bees. It has been embraced by those keen to keep bees as it makes harvesting so much easier. It does not take a lot of space, time, and additional expensive processing equipment needed with conventional beekeeping practices.

Sam Kennedy, director of Meadow Flowers Australia said this when interviewed by Eleven Media, “winter is the best time to prepare the ground prior to planting wildflower seeds. It is also the time we find a sharp increase in seed orders and this year is no different. What is apparent though is the enquiry levels being elevated year on year by Flow Hive owners seeking Australian wildflower seeds to increase the flowers their bees can visit close to their hives.”

Experienced beekeepers know that local flowers influence the fragrance and flavour of the honey produced by their bees. This, combined with the growing awareness of the importance of bees in our eco system and the popularity of Flow Hives, has seen the benefit of planting wildflowers around them becoming very popular.

To learn more about Flow Hive visit their website here: Honey Straight From The Hive | Australian Made & Invented (honeyflow.com.au).

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