Collection: Annual with Perennial Wildflower Seed Mixes

Annual with Perennial wildflower seed mixes are a carefully blended mixture of annual and perennial species. These mixtures are our most popular because they provide the longest flowering of all the mixtures – the annual species flower most quickly, and then the perennials shortly after, giving you an almost year-round bloom. The perennials will also bloom year after year. The flowers bloom at different times of the year, surprising you with an ever-changing colourful meadow flower garden. Our goal is to care for our planet one beautiful meadow flower at a time!

Our seed mixes:
  • Are hand-selected and fully tested.
  • Are easy to grow.
  • Contain many wildflower species.
  • Are blended to ensure your floral display will always be evolving.
  • Are developed for maximum attractiveness to pollinating bees, butterflies and insects.
  • Perfect for small patches to huge meadows - something for every space!