About Meadow Flowers Australia

The Early Years

Meadow Flowers Australia began in the early 2000s when 80-year-old Maurice Kennedy became inspired by the beautiful gardens that he found around him and wanted to give fellow homeowners the opportunity to create their own unique space. Starting the business in his garage, the company has since blossomed. We remain family-owned and operated.

Our Journey

Over the last decade and a half, we have grown to become Australia’s trusted seed supplier, specialising in curating diverse wildflower seed mixes that can be grown throughout Australia. We offer a large collection of seed mixes, all non-GMO and open-pollinated. Our mixes ensure long-flowering, consistently beautiful landscapes that provide vibrant, sustainable gardens. They support crucial pollinators and beneficial insects while enhancing the natural beauty of any green space.

Our Expertise

Our expertise lies in curating diverse wildflower seed mixes, suitable for everything from small balcony pots to expansive fields, and can be planted Australia-wide. Our seed mixes ensure your floral display consistently evolves, offering constant surprises as some flowers fade and others bloom. This approach provides everyone with the opportunity to support bees and other pollinators by providing a continuous supply of food, contribute to biodiversity, and experience the profound joy and well-being that come from nurturing nature.

As a small business, we take great pride in providing bespoke and completely personalised advice to every customer, supporting them to create the most spectacular and gorgeous garden, no matter the project size.

Our seed mixes are carefully handcrafted to ensure balance and encourage natural pollination when grown near or around vegetable and herb patches. This promotes a harmonious ecosystem where plants thrive together while establishing different flowering periods that create an ever-changing landscape.

Our Philosophy

Our ethos is to inspire our community to embrace the joy that comes from growing their own flowers while supporting pollinators and deepening their connection to nature and sustainability. We believe that everyone can become a skilled gardener with the right guidance and experience, and with our support, you can start your cultivation journey and take your first steps toward a sustainable future.

Why not get the kids in the garden, too? Gardening with children can instil wonderful values such as responsibility, patience, a love for nature and the importance of caring for the environment. Together, we can nurture our environment and build a more resilient world for us and future generations—so check out our range of seeds today or get in touch with our friendly team, who will be happy to help!