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Beautiful Wildflower Seed Mixtures

Mixed Wildflower Seeds

Meadow Flowers Seed Mixtures are suitable for use for all areas from planters, balconies and front gardens to field scale planting. They offer instant impact with a definite wow factor, all the way through summer into autumn. You will experience delight after delight as the varying species reveal themselves. Whatever you choose, you will also know that we are here at the end of the phone (or email) to work with you,to help you achieve your enchanted Meadow Flowers’ magic.

Meadow Flowers works on selecting stunning wildflower mixtures to bloom from early summer all the way to late autumn. We offer a fresh approach that combines floristic study, design and a rigorous approach to quality.  The results are beautiful, very long flowering, impressionistic displays from all of our various seed mixes.

Our mixes contain many carefully balanced seed species, which will germinate together but have differing flowering periods. They are usually sown in the spring, in freshly prepared barren sites using our “How to Sow” instructions, which is our tried and trusted method for the best results. Unlike traditional wildflower meadows, our meadows include more exotic species which provide stunning visual interest over an extremely long flowering period (late spring into autumn).

All you need to do is decide which of the mixes is right for you.

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Maurice Kennedy

Meadow Flowers Australia Founder

After 40 exciting, tumultuous years living in Sydney, we moved to peaceful Bowral to be near our family. There I started “Velvet Lawns Pty”, to upgrade our own, rather shabby lawns and then to successfully create new outstanding Lawns for other people. One of my sons, David, who had just returned from a visit to England, teased me “Lawns are out. Too much maintenance, they are all into Meadow Flowers now, What do you think of that?” “Not a bad idea,said I.”

Within 48 hours I was in touch with a remarkable Lady called, Sue France who ran a Company called Pictorial Meadows. Her story inspired and helped me start “Meadow Flowers” in 2014 almost as a hobby.

Since we moved to the Gold Coast, to be near more of my very large family, then I have found that being involved with this kind of business is itself a delight in so many ways. This hobby has made me realise, that there is a great need and potential market for the Wildflower Mixes that we have modestly promoted so far.

Meadow Flowers aim to be one of the major suppliers of wildflower seed mixtures in Australia. Working with a personal association with our customers and guiding them on how best to achieve wonderful results!

Annual Seed Mixtures

Meadow Flowers annual seed mixtures are specifically blended species of annual seeds which are the perfect choice for those looking to create a low maintenance, beautiful and colourful meadow with quick flowering wildflowers.  These annual mixes will give you a beautiful and impactful meadow for the most part of the the year and fade away so you can re-sow them the next year or replace them with a new wildflower mixture of your choice.

Multiannual Seed Mixtures

Meadow Flowers Multi-annual seed mixtures are a carefully blended mix of Annual and Perennial species. These new mixture will give you a colourful and quick flowering result with your annuals species while the perennials will establish and mature as your annuals flower. Once your annuals begin to fade away you can cut them back down to 15 cm and this will also help invigorate the perennials growth for their great years to come.

Perennial Seed Mixtures

Meadow Flowers perennials wildflower seed mixtures are a balanced blend of perennial species that will establish and mature over time to add years and years of beauty and the odd exotic species for a particular effect. Perennials do take longer to establish themselves, really shining from their 2nd Spring. They also need to be cut back towards the end of Autumn, this stimulates them from the next Spring flowering.

Ecosystem Seed Mixtures

Meadow Flowers ecosystem seed mixtures are a mixed blend of seed varieties which have been selected for their nectar-producing and aromatic properties as well as for their scent. These mixtures are designed to help bring insect biodiversity as well as looking beautiful. By planting these seeds you are helping build a sustainable environment for the bees and butterflies to thrive in.