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Beautiful Wildflower Seed Mixes

Unique seed mixes for every space

Meadow Flowers has created over 15 beautiful wildflower seed mixes to suit every green space throughout Australia – from planters and the feet of trees, to front gardens and fields. Simply choose your mix, plant the seeds and watch them emerge as you create your very own natural wildflower meadow.

Our mixes consist of up to 50 different flower species that are carefully balanced so that the seeds can be planted together but flower at different times. This creates an incredible, ever-changing artwork that blooms for up to 8 months. We also have created seed mixes especially for bees and butterflies – our Ecosystem mixes – so you can do your part in protecting Australia’s amazing eco-system and biodiversity.

Our wildflower mixes are also perfectly suited for large-scale planting in fields and meadows. They are low-maintenance, self-sustaining and have the perfect blend of perennials and annuals to give you colour throughout the season.

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🌼 Up to 8 months of flowering 🌼
🌼 Highest-quality seeds for guaranteed success 🌼
🌼 Expert help and advice 🌼
🌼 Supporting Australia’s ecosystem 🌼
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Meadow Flowers’ Annual Seed Mixes are the perfect choice for those wanting a colourful, low-maintenance meadow that will flower quickly. Sown in Autumn or Spring, they bloom for up to 7-8 months of the year. 

Ecosystem Seed Mixes are a mixed blend of seed varieties selected for their nectar-producing and aromatic properties. As well as looking beautiful, these mixes are expertly designed to attract insect biodiversity, helping build a sustainable environment for the bees and butterflies to thrive in.

Maurice Kennedy - Meadow Flowers Australia

Maurice Kennedy

Meadow Flowers Australia - Founder

After 40 exciting years living in Sydney, my wife and I moved to Bowral to be near our family. I started Velvet Lawns Pty, creating top-quality lawns until one day, one of my sons teased me – “Lawns are out Dad. Too much maintenance, they are all into meadow flowers now – what do you think of that?” “Not a bad idea, said I.” 

Not long after, I started Meadow Flowers. Initially as a hobby, I soon realised the popularity of meadow flowers – both for their beauty and ease to grow. Since then, Meadow Flowers has moved to the beautiful Gold Coast and taken off with happy customers coming back again and again to transform more and more of their garden with our beautiful seed mixtures. As a small business, we can give more care to our customers – offering them advice on what seed mixture works best for their space, and making sure that they achieve their Meadow Flower vision.

Need some help?

If you have any questions or need some advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we are here to help you create your perfect paradise of Meadow Flowers, no matter how large or small. Call us on 0491 606 692, email at or fill out the form here – and we will happily work with you and answer any of your questions.