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Premium meadow flower seed mixes for every space

We are Australia’s trusted supplier of wildflower seed mixes and seeds for over a decade. We have handcrafted beautiful, open-pollinated wildflower seed mixes to suit every green space in Australia. From pots, planters, and flowerbeds to the bases of trees and open fields, our seed packs transform any ordinary area into a flourishing, vibrant ecosystem.

Our seed mixes:

  • Are non-GMO
  • Contain 100% pure, open-pollinated wildflower seeds
  • Are handcrafted and fully tested
  • Are easy to grow and blended to ensure your floral display will constantly be evolving
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Carefully balanced flower seed species

Our diverse packs of wildflower seeds are crafted with a careful selection of up to 40 different flower species that bloom at varying times. This delivers a beautiful and varied array of colours and ensures a continuous floral display lasting up to eight months.

Beyond crafting seed mixes that transform into stunning gardens, we understand the role of pollinators like bees and butterflies in preserving the earth's natural biodiversity. Recognising the importance of these insects in sustaining our environment, we have crafted ecosystem mixes that attract these beautiful creatures. These mixes contain a selection of flowers that attract bees and butterflies, encouraging them to visit and thrive in your garden.

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Creative planting ideas with our meadow flower seeds

With our bulk seeds available Australia-wide, you can transform your garden into a vibrant ecosystem anywhere in Australia. Whether you have sprawling acres or a modern urban space, our seed mixes can bring a touch of the wild and wonderful to your outdoor area.

  • Landscaping with marvellous meadows mix

    Landscape design

  • Colourful wildflowers in a wood planter box

    Garden planters

  • A close-up view of vibrant yellow, red, orange and purple wildflowers in their third year of bloom under a tree surrounded by lush green grass.

    Beneath trees

  • Beautiful wildflowers surrounding a pathway

    Meadow gardens

Attract bees and butterflies to enhance your garden's ecosystem

Bees and butterflies play a key role in sustaining ecosystems and encouraging biodiversity. Attracting these pollinators is one of the most effective ways to enhance your garden's health and vibrancy while helping to preserve the environment.

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Our bulk flower seeds, available Australia-wide

Check out our range of Australian wildflower seeds and get started on growing your very own garden oasis today.

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