Collection: Wildflower Seed Mixes for Western Australia


We’re happy to have the ability to cater to wildflower lovers Australia-wide, including those in Western Australia! Here you will find all our wildflower seed mixes that are available for import into WA. Some are modified versions of our current wildflower mixes that have a few species omitted (labelled WA), while others have no modifications as all of the species in them are safe for entry into WA (no WA in the label).

Our Western Australian wildflower seed mixes include hardy mixes to cope with WA's extreme climate, mixes for silty and sandy soil, all-rounder mixes as well as seeds for flowers that attract bees, butterflies and beneficial insects.

Our seed mixes:

  • Are hand-selected and fully tested.
  • Contain 100% pure, open-pollinated seeds.
  • Perfect for small patches to large meadows - something for every space! 
Please note that orders over 500g will be sent in multiple parcels to comply with WA biosecurity requirements.
All WA orders will be shipped at the end of the week so you should expect an additional delay due to required Quarantine Inspection checks.