Meadow Flowers Customers Embrace Cost Savings of Meadow Nature Strips & Verges

Meadow Flowers Customers Embrace Cost Savings of Meadow Nature Strips & Verges

Meadow Flowers Australia is thrilled by the growing demand across Australia for our wildflower seeds, specifically for sowing in nature strips and street verges. Our clients are enjoying considerable savings on both the establishment and ongoing maintenance of these areas.

We've seen a sharp increase in interest from home and business owners, as well as strata managers, who are choosing to plant wildflower meadows over traditional grass. The significant cost savings in setup and minimal ongoing care costs of meadow flower beds are major driving factors.

The transformation of nature strips and street verges into vibrant, sustainable landscapes provides immense pleasure to residents and passersby alike. Additionally, for every acre planted with wildflower meadows instead of lawns, there's a cost saving. With savings ranging from $100-$150 per fortnight in winter to the same amount weekly in summer, the yearly savings are between $3900-$5850. This also gives homeowners more leisure time, unless they prefer mowing lawns!

The growing interest from councils and developers is also great news, as more people recognise the benefits of meadow flower gardens and want to support the movement locally. The reduction in mowing not only saves costs but also increases safety for council gardeners and homeowners.

Embracing plant conservation and working with nature enriches lives. It helps filter vehicle emissions and provides essential habitat and nourishment for wildlife. Plus, the health and wellbeing benefits for humans in areas planted with wildflowers are significant.

Meadow Flowers offers stunning seed mixes for all settings, from small planters to expansive fields, ushering in a fresh approach to gardening with results that are beautiful, long-flowering, and impressionistic. Our seed mixes cater to various soil types and lighting conditions, including aromatic blends designed to attract bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects.

Learn more about our range of wildflower seeds here.

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A garden pot full of red, pink and white wildflowers in full bloom

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