Royal Botanic Garden Sydney Expands their Meadow

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney Expands their Meadow

Meadow Flowers is thrilled to have been invited by the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney to provide their Monet Mini wildflower seed blend for replanting in the garden's beloved meadow flower section.

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, a heritage-listed, extensive 30-hectare botanical garden, serves as both an event space and a public recreational area. Located at Farm Cove on the eastern edge of Sydney's central business district in New South Wales, Australia, the garden has been a significant green space since its establishment.

In 2016, the meadow flower garden was created, featuring a range of flowers from the tall and stunning rose mallow to the cosmos 'white,' which is a favourite among bees. The selection of flowers aimed to provide a spectrum of colours as well as varied heights, contributing to its success with garden visitors and the local butterflies and bees.

We note the significance of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney's continued choice to use our Monet Mini seeds for their meadow garden, which now spans over 2000 square meters. The repeat request is a testament to the seed quality and the trust the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney places in our product.

Discover more on their website: Royal Botanic Garden Sydney's meadow garden.

Meadow Flowers offers an array of seed mixes perfect for different settings, from small planters and balconies to larger front gardens, nature strips, and fields. Our seed mixes yield beautiful, long-lasting, impressionistic floral displays.

Our seed blends are tailored for various soil types and lighting conditions and include aromatic varieties that attract bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects.

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A garden pot full of red, pink and white wildflowers in full bloom

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