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The best wildflower mix to keep your bees and other insect visitors constantly coming back for more! 


This dwarf mix, which is beneficial for many different insects and bugs, is a blend of vivid colourful dwarf plants. It has been designed specifically to attract insects and provide nutrition to our busy bees.

Containing over 16 different annual flower species, this mix can be sown in planters, along walls, in front gardens and in whole fields.

Some of the annual plants included are Corncockle, Dill, Sweet Alyssum and Lacy Phacelia. 

Follow the advice given on our How To Sow page to get the best results - a glorious flowering show from early Summer to Autumn.

Please refer to the suggested sowing rate provided below to help determine how many grams per m² are suitable for your lot.

Delivery Information

We are not able to ship this product to Western Australia or Tasmania.

Delivery Times

Regular:   7 to 11 days

Express:  1 to 4 days

Delivery Location

Aus, NOT WA or TAS


Sowing & Growing Information

Sowing Period

Autumn or Spring  

Avoid frost

Flowering Period

Late Spring (Autumn Sowing), Early Summer (Spring Sowing) ~ until Autumn next year


Sowing Rate

2.0 to 3.0 gm per m²

Growth Height

10cm - 110cm 


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