Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney - Wild Flower Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney - Wild Flower Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney purchased some of our mixes and did a wonderful job in 2020, preparing their space in order to sow our mixes in August that year. 

Project Timeline

Preparation – March 2020

Germination – September 2020

Growth – October 2020 onwards


Meadow Flowers Mixes Used:


March 2020 - Preparation

Preparation stage 1 - Slashing existing grass 

Preparation stage 2 - Solarisation for 8 weeks using plastic to reduce weed seeds

May 2020 - Wildflower Garden Design & Pathway Preparation

Stage 1 - Marking out the pathways

Soil with tree and coloured marks showing where pathways will be

Stage 2 - Fertilising the soil with cow and compost

Stage 3 - Pathway mulch application and netting frames construction

September to November 2020 - Germination & Progress



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